Training & Professional Development

Evidence of an ongoing regime of Training and Professional Development

The Staff of Dream Realty Pty. Ltd. is dedicated to being Real Estate Professionals and as a result is intrinsically motivated to continue and enrich their professional development. As a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) each member of the team at Dream Realty Pty. Ltd. attends a Continued Professional Development (CPD) course annually.

Dream Realty Pty. Ltd. also prides itself on their commitment to providing an atmosphere of continued professional development. It is supported and encouraged from the top down.

We are also kept up to date of Current Industry Developments in the Property world with subscriptions to periodicals such as the REIQ monthly magazine and Electronic Newsletters and alerts.
George Collis completed his full Agent’s License a number of years ago and as a result achieved the qualification of Certificate IV in Property. He has a Bachelors in Education (Secondary) Majoring in Mathematics and Computing. He enjoys learning and as a result is an avid reader.

Sarah-Jayne Hall is quite proficient in a number of software applications, mainly graphical based applications. She finds her increasing knowledge of these items of software useful, as do her colleagues, in marketing not only property but also First National Real Estate Westside.

Roy Theodoulou has taken to Real Estate like a Fish to Water. Although he has not completed his Agent’s License to date he is enrolled and has paid for his course, showing his intent. Apart from working towards his Agent’s License he has also recently expressed an interest in gaining his Auctioneer’s qualification, and is completing his training as an auctioneer under his Provisional License.

Professional Memberships

Dream Realty Pty. Ltd is a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). Each member of the team at Dream Realty Pty. Ltd attends a Continued Professional Development (CPD) course annually.


The team at Dream Realty Pty. Ltd. are governed not only by our own Office Policy but also by the Real Estate Industry of Queensland (REIQ). Being a member of the REIQ means that we are bound by their Professional Charter and Code of Conduct. The Property Agent and Motor Dealers Act of 2000 (PAMDA) and the Code of Conduct ensures that all employees and businesses work within strict guidelines and provide an ethical and lawful service to clients and buyers alike.


Governing bodies (REIQ and OFT) in addition to in the house office policies and company training ensures that each employee is zealous and careful in their actions and work. Working efficiently and relentlessly to the best of their ability in order to achieve success in every endeavour.

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